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Our History

Taken From The Armstrong Report Vol.1, Issue 1
Cover 'Armstrong History' Interview the Expert: Dave Freeman, GM

When Armstrong VW was purchased from Don Armstrong in 1986, it was Armstrong Buick.  Buicks were sold here by Mr. Armstrong dating back to the 1950's.  The Freeman family liked the way Mr. Armstrong did business, and when he put his company up for sale, the Freeman’s jumped at the opportunity.

In 1986, this place looked quite different.  Half of the current lot was home to a theater and a health foods store, and the only building on the property was a smaller version of the sales department.  In 1988, the sales department was expanded, and the service drive was added.  Business was booming, not only because of Buick, but because Armstrong began selling VW in 1987.

When asked about VW, Mr. Freeman said, "I like VW because I like the clientele of VW". The differentiated customer base truly makes VW the people’s car.  He also loves VW due to the fact that “the driving experience goes beyond simple transportation because of the engineering and the how they handle.  The car is fun to drive".

Just like the VW is unique, Armstrong VW is a special type of car dealership.  Freeman says "I strive for a relaxed culture at work". Where most dealerships are cold and impersonal, Armstrong VW cares about the employee, the customer, and the buying experience.  This high degree of customer satisfaction is one of the many reasons why Armstrong VW is the oldest and reputable car dealership on McLoughlin Boulevard. 

VW has more models than it ever has, ranging from the Jetta, to the fuel efficient TDI, to the playful Tiguan, and Armstrong VW can't wait to share them all with you!

Article by: T. Freeman

Armstrong Volkswagen is a Portland, Beaverton, and Vancouver VW dealer.

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